I am a multidisciplinary artist. These are my strongest areas of expertise.

Animation Animation

Trained professionally as a Character Animator, I have applied these principles in Motion Graphics and Cinematics.

Design Design

As a Graphic Designer I’ve worked on desktop publishing and User Interface for Video Games.

Concept Art Concept Art

As a Concept Artist my work starts at the design foundations of the conceptualisation process.

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17 Mar 2016

Freelancing. Year One.

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Freelancing. Year One.

I am a Graphic Designer working in the Video Games Industry. I am focused on User Interface, Motion Graphics and Concept Development. Although I had the chance to work in different departments through my career, one factor remained the same: I always worked inside a company… until recently. Fig. 1 Electronic Arts (2015) Need for Speed. GHOST […]

7 Nov 2015

Building a Hackintosh

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Building a Hackintosh

I have been a Mac user for many years; in fact the first machine we had at home was a Macintosh Plus, which still runs today by the way. Over the decades the Macintosh Operative System got more reliable and robust and the hardware more slick and powerful. Although I have deep appreciation for Apple’s beautiful […]

4 Oct 2015

Interview with Runaround Film

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Interview with Runaround Film

I sat down with John-Erling Fredriksen to talk about his company, Runaround Film, as well as his work as Director of Photography (DOP). I used to be a 3D Animator for a VFX company in London a few years back and having some experience with cinematographers I inquired John-Erling about his views on the current situation […]


What my colleagues and clients have to say about me.

  • James Mouat, Lead Designer at GHOST.

    I had the pleasure of working with Carlos on Need for Speed Rivals and his work was always eye catching and exciting. Carlos grounds his work in solid foundation guidelines that suit the project but also looks to draw in new influences and inspirations to make something that fits and excites. There was never a shortage of good ideas or highly impressive visual work being produced by this man.

    - James Mouat, Lead Designer at GHOST.
  • Per Juhlén, Senior Development Director at DICE.

    Carlos is very structured without losing out on flexibility. Always delivers great work, on time and in accordance with agreements or specifications. He truly investigates all options available for achieving the best possible result and managed to deliver material faster and on par with what we used other companies for doing. Carlos personality as well as professional qualities is truly top notch.

    - Per Juhlén, Senior Development Director at DICE.

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