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I am a multidisciplinary artist. These are my strongest areas of expertise.

Animation Animation

Trained professionally as a Character Animator, I have applied these principles in Motion Graphics and Cinematics.

Design Design

As a Graphic Designer I’ve worked on desktop publishing and User Interface for Video Games.

Concept Art & Illustration Concept Art & Illustration

As a Concept Artist my work starts at the design foundations of the conceptualisation process.

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Here you will find sketches, master studies, thoughts and just random stuff.
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31 August


Posted by in Process

In September 2014 I was invited to speak at Campus Party Quito, a conference held in Ecuador, to talk about Video Games. Campus Party is an international conference about innovation and technology that started in Spain and has grown to become one of the biggest of its kind around the world (Campus Party, n. d.). […]

24 August

Bagiński vs Bekśinski

Posted by in Inspiration
Bagiński vs Bekśinski

Fig. 1 Zdzisław Bekśinski, Untitled (1975), 122cm x 98cm, Oil on Canvas. There is no other artist that has inspired and influenced me more than the Polish painter Zdzisław Bekśinski. His profound and sometimes disturbing paintings opened my eyes to the possibilities of this medium. Bekśinsky was a Fantastical Realist (Historical Museum in Sanok, n. d.). […]

24 August

Salsa Super Hero

Posted by in Sketchbook
Salsa Super Hero

Fig. 1 Carlos Villarreal Kwasek, South-American Future Fantasy (2015), Digital. I was given the opportunity to be involved in the Tsamaru project as a Concept Artist. This project, which is on going at the moment, is a multimedia experience for the Ministry of Education in Ecuador developed by the local studio Amerisis (Amerisis, 2015). The goal of the […]


What my colleagues and clients have to say about me.

  • Josh Herrig, Senior Lighting Artist at Weta Digital.

    The single most gifted mixed media artist I have ever met. Carlos has applied his talents to becoming a great character animator, non-traditional artist and generalist. Never short on a progressive opinion, I’d welcome the chance to work with Carlos again.

    - Josh Herrig, Senior Lighting Artist at Weta Digital.
  • Per Juhlén, Senior Development Director at DICE.

    Carlos is very structured without losing out on flexibility. Always delivers great work, on time and in accordance with agreements or specifications. He truly investigates all options available for achieving the best possible result and managed to deliver material faster and on par with what we used other companies for doing. Carlos personality as well as professional qualities is truly top notch.

    - Per Juhlén, Senior Development Director at DICE.
  • Jorge Balladares, SELVA.

    Carlos is one of the greatest artists that I’ve known. He really gets involved in any project, researching deep in the theme, the concept and the ideas that best reflect what the client wants. Any project becomes a piece of art that represents its essence thanks to his creativity. Atrapados and Cuatrotreintaydos, our new album, have been works that we are very proud of having them. Thanks Carlitos.

    - Jorge Balladares, SELVA.

Some of the games I’ve worked on: