Digital Oil Painting

October 4, 2016Sketchbook

    I have been conducting studies of light and shape from photographs. Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq are a great combo for digital painting.    

Andean Sky. Ecuador in the Future.

September 15, 2016Development

Andean Sky is an interactive web-comic about an immigrant who returns to his home-country Ecuador, in South America, to reconnect with his own culture. With this project I am dealing with themes of identity, religion and technology projected into the future within the Latin American context. This project is my MA thesis in Illustration at the Interactive Design … Read More

Interview with Composer Oliver Getz Rodahl

September 9, 2016Interview

I sat down with composer and sound designer Oliver Getz Rodahl to talk about his practice and motivations. Oliver is a composer and sound designer based in Boston, MA, where he is working in the indie game scene. He has been a composer for hire since 2012. Oliver recently composed the entire score for my upcoming … Read More

Freelancing. Year One.

March 17, 2016Research

I am a Graphic Designer working in the Video Games Industry. I am focused on User Interface, Motion Graphics and Concept Development. Although I had the chance to work in different departments through my career, one factor remained the same: I always worked inside a company… until recently. Fig. 1 Electronic Arts (2015) Need for Speed. GHOST … Read More

Interview with Runaround Film

October 4, 2015Interview

I sat down with John-Erling Fredriksen to talk about his company, Runaround Film, as well as his work as Director of Photography (DOP). I used to be a 3D Animator for a VFX company in London a few years back and having some experience with cinematographers I inquired John-Erling about his views on the current situation … Read More

Oslo Open Part 2: Interview with Yola Maria Tsolis

September 21, 2015Interview

Fig. 1 Yola Maria Tsolis, Lost in Translation (2012) Textile, Print. This post is the following part of Oslo Open Part 1: Interview with Viel Bjerkeset Andersen. At the Oslo Open event I also had the pleasure to meet with Artist Yola Maria Tsolis who works with textile and photography(Oslo Open, 2015). Her inspiration in origami … Read More

Oslo Open Part 1: Interview with Viel Bjerkeset Andersen

September 12, 2015Interview

I had the pleasure to meet Norwegian Artist Viel Bjerkeset Andersen at the Open Oslo festival where practitioners all over the city open their studios for people to visit (Open Oslo, 2015). Bjerkeset Andersen’s work mainly deals with large urban spaces. Her vision blends naturally into the environment becoming an integral part of it. The shapes … Read More

The Visual Target

September 8, 2015Research

Fig. 1 Electronic Arts, Need for Speed Rivals (2013), Video game. One vital part of the Art Direction process is the creation of a Visual Target (VT). A Visual Target is a sample of work that has been taken to final quality and represents how the entire game should look like. The VT represents the desired quality and many of … Read More


August 31, 2015Conference

In September 2014 I was invited to speak at Campus Party Quito, a conference held in Ecuador, to talk about Video Games. Campus Party is an international conference about innovation and technology that started in Spain and has grown to become one of the biggest of its kind around the world (Campus Party, n. d.). … Read More

Bagiński vs Bekśinski

August 24, 2015Inspiration

Fig. 1 Zdzisław Bekśinski, Untitled (1975), 122cm x 98cm, Oil on Canvas. There is no other artist that has inspired and influenced me more than the Polish painter Zdzisław Bekśinski. His profound and sometimes disturbing paintings opened my eyes to the possibilities of this medium. Bekśinsky was a Fantastical Realist (Historical Museum in Sanok, n. d.). … Read More

Salsa Super Hero

August 24, 2015Development

Fig. 1 Carlos Villarreal Kwasek, South-American Future Fantasy (2015), Digital. I was given the opportunity to be involved in the Tsamaru project as a Concept Artist. This project, which is on going at the moment, is a multimedia experience for the Ministry of Education in Ecuador developed by the local studio Amerisis (Amerisis, 2015). The goal of the … Read More

Being Accessible

July 8, 2015Inspiration

Reggaeton might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Cultural Capital, but this band has challenged the notion that popular music cannot be educative as well as entertaining. Calle 13 is a popular band from Puerto Rico who plays a style known as Reggaeton, which is a musical style that often embraces … Read More


July 7, 2015Inspiration

Fig. 1 Simon Stålenhag, Untitled (2015), Digital. I feel deeply inspired by Simon’s illustrations of retro-futuristic vision of rural Sweden. The images depict an authentic world that feels real due to his mastery of technique and craftsmanship in execution (Fig. 1). But perhaps it something much more simple in his work that inspires me. His vision speaks … Read More

Master Study: Tai Shan Schierenberg

October 22, 2013Sketchbook

Tai Shan Schierenberg is one of my favorite painters. His sensibility for capturing people’s expressions with aggressive brushstrokes is amazing. These studies are made in Photoshop using simple textured brushes. I definitely learned a lot from Tai Shan by working on these studies