Interview with Felipe Pesántez

January 12, 2018Interview

In 2014 while visiting Ecuador I had the pleasure to meet local CG Artist Felipe Pesántez who’s work is a true testament to his perseverance and talent. Felipe has been working for international clients through his company in Ecuador, RAWA, and recently he moved to Europe. Currently he is an Environment TD at MPC working … Read More

I left Animation and I am happy

September 15, 2017Development

In 2008 I decided to transition from Character Animation to Motion Graphics right about the same time when I transitioned from Post-production to Game Development. Having studied Animation my goal was to work in the Films Industry but eventually I changed my mind and I took a different path. It was a difficult decision but … Read More

Interview with Gino Imagino

June 14, 2017Interview

I recently had the opportunity to get in touch with the amazing Ecuadorian Animator and Artist Gino Imagino to talk about animation and his experience. Gino has achieved international recognition for his work and his most recent film, Mr. Blue Footed Booby, has been screened in numerous festivals including Annecy, Hiroshima, Fantoche, and Monstra. Mr. … Read More

Building a Portfolio

May 25, 2017Development, Research

For an Artist the portfolio is the presentation card and summary of her or his career. It is quite a big deal and it deserves time and dedication. Arguably, it is the single most important thing that will get you a job. We are constantly updating this portfolio to fit our goals and needs, and although there … Read More

Back to the Studio Life

May 8, 2017Development

For the past two years I have been enjoying freelancing but recently I decided to make a change and I took a full time job at DICE. An amazing opportunity! I am really excited to be working with great projects alongside the best talent in the industry. After six months at the studio I wanted to share with you my impressions about … Read More

Digital Oil Painting

October 4, 2016Sketchbook

    I have been conducting studies of light and shape from photographs. Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq are a great combo for digital painting.    

Andean Sky. Ecuador in the Future.

September 15, 2016Development

Andean Sky is an interactive web-comic about an immigrant who returns to his home-country Ecuador, in South America, to reconnect with his own culture. With this project I am dealing with themes of identity, religion and technology projected into the future within the Latin American context. This project is my MA thesis in Illustration at the Interactive Design … Read More

Interview with Composer Oliver Getz Rodahl

September 9, 2016Interview

I sat down with composer and sound designer Oliver Getz Rodahl to talk about his practice and motivations. Oliver is a composer and sound designer based in Boston, MA, where he is working in the indie game scene. He has been a composer for hire since 2012. Oliver recently composed the entire score for my upcoming … Read More

Why Animation Matters for a UI Designer

April 28, 2016Development

Creating a good UI is a job that involves you and your entire team. So being able to communicate effectively with them is a must-have skill and animation can help you with that. Animation is a wonderful craft and a profession on its own but it’s not an essential skill for a UI Designer. However, … Read More

Freelancing. Year One.

March 17, 2016Research

I am a Graphic Designer working in the Video Games Industry. I am focused on User Interface, Motion Graphics and Concept Development. Although I had the chance to work in different departments through my career, one factor remained the same: I always worked inside a company… until recently. Fig. 1 Electronic Arts (2015) Need for Speed. GHOST … Read More

Building a Hackintosh

November 7, 2015Research

I have been a Mac user for many years; in fact the first machine we had at home was a Macintosh Plus, which still runs today by the way. Over the decades the Macintosh Operative System got more reliable and robust and the hardware more slick and powerful. Although I have deep appreciation for Apple’s beautiful … Read More

Interview with Runaround Film

October 4, 2015Interview

I sat down with John-Erling Fredriksen to talk about his company, Runaround Film, as well as his work as Director of Photography (DOP). I used to be a 3D Animator for a VFX company in London a few years back and having some experience with cinematographers I inquired John-Erling about his views on the current situation … Read More

Oslo Open Part 2: Interview with Yola Maria Tsolis

September 21, 2015Interview

Fig. 1 Yola Maria Tsolis, Lost in Translation (2012) Textile, Print. This post is the following part of Oslo Open Part 1: Interview with Viel Bjerkeset Andersen. At the Oslo Open event I also had the pleasure to meet with Artist Yola Maria Tsolis who works with textile and photography(Oslo Open, 2015). Her inspiration in origami … Read More