I left Animation and I am happy

September 15, 2017Development

In 2008 I decided to transition from Character Animation to Motion Graphics right about the same time when I transitioned from Post-production to Game Development. Having studied Animation my goal was to work in the Films Industry but eventually I changed my mind and I took a different path. It was a difficult decision but … Read More

Building a Portfolio

May 25, 2017Development, Research

For an Artist the portfolio is the presentation card and summary of her or his career. It is quite a big deal and it deserves time and dedication. Arguably, it is the single most important thing that will get you a job. We are constantly updating this portfolio to fit our goals and needs, and although there … Read More

Back to the Studio Life

May 8, 2017Development

For the past two years I have been enjoying freelancing but recently I decided to make a change and I took a full time job at DICE. An amazing opportunity! I am really excited to be working with great projects alongside the best talent in the industry. After six months at the studio I wanted to share with you my impressions about … Read More

Andean Sky. Ecuador in the Future.

September 15, 2016Development

Andean Sky is an interactive web-comic about an immigrant who returns to his home-country Ecuador, in South America, to reconnect with his own culture. With this project I am dealing with themes of identity, religion and technology projected into the future within the Latin American context. This project is my MA thesis in Illustration at the Interactive Design … Read More

Why Animation Matters for a UI Designer

April 28, 2016Development

Creating a good UI is a job that involves you and your entire team. So being able to communicate effectively with them is a must-have skill and animation can help you with that. Animation is a wonderful craft and a profession on its own but it’s not an essential skill for a UI Designer. However, … Read More

Salsa Super Hero

August 24, 2015Development

Fig. 1 Carlos Villarreal Kwasek, South-American Future Fantasy (2015), Digital. I was given the opportunity to be involved in the Tsamaru project as a Concept Artist. This project, which is on going at the moment, is a multimedia experience for the Ministry of Education in Ecuador developed by the local studio Amerisis (Amerisis, 2015). The goal of the … Read More

Production Notes from GoldenEye 007

December 1, 2010Development

Eurocom During my time at Eurocom I worked on the 2010 Wii remake of the classic James Bond game GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. I had previously worked as a Compositor and a Character Animator in the same company and this project was the next big thing for me. Eurocom originally wanted to outsource … Read More