Building a Portfolio

May 25, 2017Development, Research

For an Artist the portfolio is the presentation card and summary of her or his career. It is quite a big deal and it deserves time and dedication. Arguably, it is the single most important thing that will get you a job. We are constantly updating this portfolio to fit our goals and needs, and although there … Read More

Freelancing. Year One.

March 17, 2016Research

I am a Graphic Designer working in the Video Games Industry. I am focused on User Interface, Motion Graphics and Concept Development. Although I had the chance to work in different departments through my career, one factor remained the same: I always worked inside a company… until recently. Fig. 1 Electronic Arts (2015) Need for Speed. GHOST … Read More

Building a Hackintosh

November 7, 2015Research

I have been a Mac user for many years; in fact the first machine we had at home was a Macintosh Plus, which still runs today by the way. Over the decades the Macintosh Operative System got more reliable and robust and the hardware more slick and powerful. Although I have deep appreciation for Apple’s beautiful … Read More

The Visual Target

September 8, 2015Research

Fig. 1 Electronic Arts, Need for Speed Rivals (2013), Video game. One vital part of the Art Direction process is the creation of a Visual Target (VT). A Visual Target is a sample of work that has been taken to final quality and represents how the entire game should look like. The VT represents the desired quality and many of … Read More