Digital Oil Painting

October 4, 2016Sketchbook

    I have been conducting studies of light and shape from photographs. Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq are a great combo for digital painting.    

Master Study: Tai Shan Schierenberg

October 22, 2013Sketchbook

Tai Shan Schierenberg is one of my favorite painters. His sensibility for capturing people’s expressions with aggressive brushstrokes is amazing. These studies are made in Photoshop using simple textured brushes. I definitely learned a lot from Tai Shan by working on these studies

Master Study: Edgar Payne

October 20, 2013Sketchbook

What I love about Edgar Payne’s oils is the variety and the richness of this colors. These are some studies I’ve been working on since I got my Cintiq.

Through the Andean Sky • Short Story

October 1, 2013Sketchbook

 January 18, 2580 After many years of living abroad I’m excited to be back home. Apart from seeing family and friends I’ve been longing to visit the countryside where my father is from. I have to admit I am a bit frightened to be on board the Pedacito de Cielo (A Piece of Heaven.) The … Read More

Sketching under the skin

August 1, 2013Sketchbook

These are 10 – 15 minutes sketches I draw in the mornings. After each session I pick the ones I like and I do some Photoshop work later.

Glacier Diary

July 1, 2008Sketchbook

When I started mountaineering in 2004 I decided to record my experiences in a small visual diary.


February 22, 2008Sketchbook

I always liked cities with Trams. They add so much character to the urban space. In my home town in Poland, Poznan, there are quite a few old ones going around the city. Every time I visit family I like to just jump on one of them and go around until my ticket expires.

Faces of Stone

June 21, 2007Sketchbook

I was experimenting with mixing ink and digital media. I always liked working on ink because of the high contrast and the organic feel of it and I was attempting to mix that with some of my digital explorations in Painter and 3D.