Selected work from Graphic Design, UI, Mograph, Animation, Concept Art and Illustration.

Demoreel 2014
A selection of my most relevant work in video games.


Need for Speed Rivals (2013) As UI Artist I was responsible for prototyping and implementing Front End and HUD elements in the game.


Need for Speed Rivals (2013) One of my responsibilities was to shape the mood and look of the Cop's UI identity.


Need for Speed (2015) I collaborated with two Need for Speed games at GHOST: Rivals and NFS15. I worked closely with my team and game designers to create wireframes and mocks for UI.


Need for Speed (2015) NFS Network is a social media platform within the game where users can share their experiences. I created several iterations for this and other screens in the game.


Need for Speed Rivals (2013) In Rivals we created modular UI elements for the front end in order to use resources effectively and also to maintain navigation consistency.


Need for Speed Rivals (2013) My responsibilities also involved creating icons and symbolic elements for different areas of the game.


Need for Speed Rivals (2013) I collaborated with programmers to conceptualise tools for the UI system in the engine. By using bitmap images, rather than vectors, the UI system has a very low footprint on the game's memory.


Need for Speed (2015) For both Rivals and NFS15 I was responsible for creating the world map texture.


Need for Speed (2015) For NFS15 our tools allowed for a high resolution map. I used aerial images to create this texture.


Syndicate (2012) I was in charge of the video department at Starbreeze. My team and myself were responsible for the in-game content as well as for creating Mocks for UI and most of the Coop briefing videos.


Syndicate (2012) I was responsible for creating the DartScan in game solution which allowed us to display videos rigged to a 3D character in a UI framework.


Goldeneye 007 (2009) I was responsible for the Intro Titles for the game and all the pre-rendered Briefing cutscenes. I was also responsible for managing and guiding collaborating Motion Graphics Artists.

Goldeneye 007 (2009) I was deeply involved creating a pitch video for Activision in order to win the contract for Eurocom. Our concept was to create a Fantasy UI system for the level briefings.

Vancouver 2010 (2010) I was responsible for post effects in-game, such as depth of field or motion blur. I was working mainly with cameras in the engine and I was also responsible for crating the attract video following the event's branding guidelines.


Andean Sky (2016) Andean Sky is an interactive web-comic about Ecuador in the future. The story follows an immigrant who returns home. This image was one of my first explorations into this world.


Andean Sky (2016) Religious identity is significant in the story. I wanted to imagine that despite progress people would continue believing in religion.


Andean Sky (2016) Front Cover.


Andean Sky (2016) Landing at Cantunia Sky Station.


Andean Sky (2016) The comic features interactive animation. The user decides when and how fast the animated elements will move on each page.


Andean Sky (2016) Police officer - Character design.


Andean Sky (2016) Icy temple - Environment design.


Andean Sky (2016) My designs are influenced from the flora and fauna of Ecuador. For the industrial design I wanted to convey an organic feeling. I think that these machines should have their own personality just like characters do.


Andean Sky (2016) The story focuses on a underground racing subculture and I wanted to reflect that on the environments.


Climber (2006) Character design for a 3D animation short film. The story follows a climber who has to confront his inner fears in order to continue his challenge.


Climber (2006) Prop design for the film. Climber was included in the 2007 BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tour Selection.